Premium Processing RFE Processing Time ?


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> H1 Approved in 2012. Could not go due to parents critical health condition.

> Expiry - Sep 2015 (Never Used)


> Applied (Regular Processing) for extension and capture time in Jun 2015 (Cap Exempt).

> Moved to Premium Processing and Received RFE.
> Responded to RFE after 60 odd days.
> USCIS states Received RFE Response on Feb 16th.


- Does this still come under Premium bracket?

- If Yes, I should be expecting a response within 15 days?



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Hi,  I am in the same boat. 15th day is tomorrow. Still no updates. Applied for H4 to H1B (COS- cap exempt) using previously approved petition in 2011 after getting a job offer in Premium processing on 01/20. Got RFE on 02/01 for right to control EE relationship and availability of specialty occupation. (Client letter, MSA, SOW). Client does not have policy to give letters to contractors. but agreed to send an email with signature and job duties. Replied to RFE usinf Vendor letter (detailed) and client email along with other docs like employment agreement. Changed to RFE response received on 02/12. Its been in the same status until now i.e., 02/24- 13 days. Client/Vendor partner are not agreeing to wait beyond this week. Very concerned if it could be denial as the longer you wait in premium the more possibility of it being a denial? Its been 14 days in my case, already. Very concerned.

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