Applying for green card under EB 1 C category while in L1 B visa


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I have been working for a MNC for the past 8 years in India in Research and transferred to US before 10 months on L1 B Visa as Manager (Scientist) and have two professionals reporting to me currently. While I was in India, I had one professional team member reporting to me for the last 5 Months.


I’m planning to start my GC processing with my employer. Given the scenario that, I have worked as Manager for the past 10 Months in US

  1. Can I apply GC with my current L1 B Visa under EB 1 Category (Manager category) ?


  1. First change my visa from L1 B to L1 A, then apply for Green card under EB 1?

Which of the above method would be the best?  Or do you suggest any other better options?


I would also like to know the transaction time for both


L1 B to EB 1  


L1 B to L1 A and EB 1

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