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Hi everyone, I appeared for a visa interview in New Delhi on FEB 9th and got a 221g White slip They didn't really discuss my petition or ask me any specific questions around my employer, client or job duties. VO said " Everything looks good" please go to counter no 3. Where there was an Indian lady she retained my passport and 797 and asked to send this information via email to advanceprocessing@state.gov.



Has anyone been through this before...do you know what it implies Thanks in advance for your help!


1) An invitation letter (a letter from the person/organization inviting you to U.S which must include: name, address, purpose, contact information, signature of the concerned person/signatory) in .PDF format.

2) A detailed resume/CV that lists your professional and/or academic backgrounds from your past/present work, three professional references is mandatory to be included in your resume, and a list of all your publications if any.


3) A detailed description of your research categorized into 1)Past 2) Present and 3) Future if any. 4) A detailed description of your position in your present/previous company explaining your duties and responsibilities.


5) A detailed statement of purpose.


6) A detailed Itinerary

7) A detailed description of Funding

8) List/Details of travelers travelling with you.


9) Dates and locations of all international travel for last 10 years.

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I had a similar experience in Dec 2015 at New Delhi.

I was eligible for drop box for my H1B so I submitted all my required documents. After about 10 days, my passport was returned to the Service Center with a blue 221g slip that simply said "Please appear for an interview at the embassy".


At the embassy, the VO just asked me a few basic questions about my position, employer and duties and more significantly "Do you work on military planes?".

After that he said "Everything is OK but we just need some more information from you" and sent me back to counter No. 3. The lady there gave me a sheet of paper with 5 preprinted questions and told me to hand the paper back to her when done. The questions are as follows:

1) Provide details of all countries visited for the last 15 years. (This I was able to answer fairly easily as I have not travelled much)

2) Provide details of all addresses that you have lived for 15 years (This was very tough for me to remember so I did the best that I could and also added a note that it was hard to recall exact dates and house numbers from memory).

3) Provide details of any spouses and children not already mentioned on current Ds160 (This was the easiest question to answer!)

4) Provide details of all passports ever held. (This was very tough to answer but I did the best that I could)

5) Provide details of all jobs that you have held for last 15 years with brief description of duties (This question was not too tough but I was a little fuzzy on some dates)


After I handed the sheet back at Counter 3, my passport was retained and I was told to keep looking online for status with no completion timeframe/estimate given.


I got my visa after approx. 8 days after interview with the annotation "Clearance Received Dec xx" on the visa foil

***With this annotation, I have become ineligible for future drop box submission.


I missed my flight back to US due to this delay.


BTW: This was my 4th visa stamping with the same employer and same job duties. I am an FTE with an aerospace major for the past 8+ years.

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Thank you Rk singh for sharing your experience, I am still waiting from delhi consulate.  Today i checked the status for passport it showing different msg " there is no status update available for passport you submitted" Did you encounter this kind of msg when your case was processing.

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On 1/27/2017 at 8:08 AM, Gurgaon_H1B said:

Hi Harry001,

My case is exactly same as yours.. was asked for the same set of documents / details at Delhi Consulate.

Can you please share your mail / phone no. Need to talk to you, thanks

Alternatively you can call me at  if possible

Can you please share your number details or contact information I am having the same situation and need your advice.

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