H1B Extesnion, Prevailing wage and LCA questions?


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My scenario in short. 


1. In 2013 -- First H1 with Masters Degree. Prevailing Wage Level 1 . According to DOL Prevailing wage rate is 45 K per year , Employer offered 70K , but  paid 90K per year. H1B approved for 3 years. Designation : Programmer Analyst. 


2. In 2014-- Employer Started GC process.   Prevailing Wage Level 3 ,According to DOL Prevailing wage rate is  83K per year. Employer offered to pay 83k year. PREM Approved and I140 Approved.



3. In 2016-- Employer applying for H1b Extension. In the H1 Extension he want to jump from LEVEL 1 to LEVEL 2. Prevailing Wage Level 2 ,According to DOL Prevailing wage rate is 59K per year. Employer offered 90K and would like to pay me 92k.






1. AC per my GC( future employment). Since 2013 Employer is  paying me more that what he offered in GC(2014).  Is this going to be problem in future.


2. For my h1 extension. ON LCA.  employer wants to  Jump from Wage LEVEL 1 to Wage Level 2 But with same designation as my first H1. is it the right way to do it


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