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I am on EVVC model. My client doesn't provide email generally. I requested my client director to help me some sort of document from her that I work at this location. She asked me ask HR about it. I asked HR and they said they would if the request comes from director. My director agreed.


I am good but is it enough from client saying that I am so so working at client location? The other vendors gave BRM and MSA. Please help.

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Can your employer show up at the client and discuss your work with them? That's what employer-employee relationship is about, the employer having the right to direct your work.

With middle vendors, that's rather hard to show.

It is always best to avoid anything with middle vendors.

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As I said, for employer-employee relationship, your employer has to have the right to control your work.

If he doesn't, you should not go for stamping, and you probably should find another job without middle layers.

Middle layers is a recipe for denial nowadays.

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