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Hello all,


denials I am sure are never a topic any of us are comfortable with, and reasons for denials are obviously on a case by case status and whoever ends up reviewing your RFE.  I have been reading quite a few posts as of late on L1 denials if it be L1A/L1B-Blanket and just wondering if you guys wanted to post some reasons on why the denials happened or the reason USCIS ended up denying your extensions.


Maybe it was lack of details provided? Lack of Education?  Anything that helps everyone in the future to put our packages together much better.


Thanks All 

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yikes, like everyone else I am awaiting a decision ... My thoughts were as simple as seeing why most of the denials come in hopes that we improve how we represent ourselves.


Personally I never had a lawyer when I first received my L1 visa and had to put the package together myself with help of an HR person at my work who had never done a Visa before, as miserable as the bad news may sound for some of us all the information we can gather helps guide us in the right direction.


Some of the most valuable pieces of information are from the people who have already "been there and done that" ... I certainly didn't intend to offend anyone by this post. 

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L1B Visa and I have sent in for my extension back on Sept 21st so I am hoping to hear something back by end of March or mid April.


I mean my company filled out all of the required paperwork for myself but I did work closely with HR to provide them with everything they needed. Also being that I am Canadian I was able to have my company fill out the necessary paperwork and then I drove down to the Canadian Boarder and applied right on the spot and was granted approval that same day to work in the USA.


Even though my company is very large I am the first employee they have on an L1B Visa so on both our accounts we were very inexperienced but because of the online world and researching the proper way to complete an 1LB proposal all ended well :)


In the future a Lawyer would be MUCH MUCH more appropriate that I will no argue

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Rules change and what's on the Internet can be outdated or even outright wrong. It is never a good idea to rely on "the Googles"...

I have seen so much wrong immigration-related stuff on the Net it makes your head spin.

The company should have consulted with a lawyer if they didn't know things. The costs are peanuts in the big picture of things.

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