I539. Effective date of change for H1 to F1 in form. Question


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Please help!

My h1 expires March 13, 2016

My I20 start date is March 11, 2016

1) when receiving the form I539 for my review. It says: A change of status. The new status and effective date is: ??? . Lawyer wrote: March 14, 2016

If i20 start date is Mach 11th, should the effective date requested for COS be March 11th? The same date clases start?

Why did she write March 14? When i asked she says it is when my h1 expires. but it seems illogical to me to request to be F1 after I20 start date.

I dont feel comfortable with that answer. Could you please help!

Thank you so much!!?


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Thank you for your reply.

Yes, i will fill COS this week

Then, the i20 start date is not so important here?, i am kind of worry because i know, for example, the i20 start date can not be more than 30 days that your actual status expires. (That is not my case). In my case is 2 days before my h1 expires. So, i though i would stop working on march 10.

I know my F1 will be approved after march 11 (because now USCIS is taking more time).

I just have been reading that the start date to be requested should be the date of i20. that is the day your program starts and you would like to register in the program. Why you would want to wait and wanted to be a student after your program starts?

What do you think? What should i do?

The lawyer said: i always put the next day the status expires as the effective date. That way we are avoiding any gap(???). What gap??.

I really appreciate your help with this so i can send my package this week

Thank you!!!

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