50% or More US Citizen/Green-card Employees by 2016

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As Many indian MNCs now started green card processing for their employees


I would want to know if there is any immigration rule stating that "all companies in the US should have 50% or more US citizens or Green card holders working by 2016" if not some fees per H1/L1 status employees to be paid by employer.


Could some one please let me know if such rule exists? and if yes where i can find the details.


Appreciate Your help




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The H1 feed have to be paid by the employer (with only a few exceptions, like premium processing fees.)

The employer can not get reimbursed for these fees in any way or form, neither directly nor indicrectly.

That rule has been in place for a long long time, and it applies to all H1 petitions.

It is covered in 20 CFR 655.731.


There is a new rule since December that H1 dependent employers, i.e., employers with 50% or more employees on H1, have to pay double the fees. Again, these fees have to be paid by the employer and the employer can not get these fees back from the employee in any form.

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