H1B Renewal Stamping Questions


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I currently hold a H1B visa, which is valid until 2018. I plan to visit my home country in December 2016 and I have a few questions regarding the stamping procedure.




- My prior H1B visa (valid until September 2016) was stamped during my last visit home in 2012.


- I moved to a different company in 2015, and my H1B visa was renewed for another three years until 2018.




- Do I have to attend the visa interview again for stamping? I'm sensing the answer would be a Yes but would like to confirm.


- If yes, do I have to go for biometric?Are there any waivers to biometric since I am in the same visa class (but with different petitioners)?



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Let me re-phrase my question.


For my travel to my home country this December, do I need to get a visa (stamp) since I changed companies recently and the older company's visa expires in Sept of this year? Also do I need to go for biometric exam this time too?

Like I said before, If you don't have a valid H1 visa on your passport on the day of your travel then you need a new H1 visa stamp on your Passport. Is this clear?

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