H1 - H4 - H1 (Urgent!)


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Hi All,


I have few questions to the experts in the forum:


My wife use to work on H1 in the past, after her pregnancy, she took a break from work and transferred to H4. At the time she transferred to H4, she still had about 7 months remaining on her H1. She also had 1-40 approved. She went to India for a short trip (3months). She still need to get stamping done yet. 


Now we are in the processes of deciding to apply for H1 again. My questions are:


1. Will she be cap subject? 

2. Is it a time consuming process to change status (h4-h1), if she decides to come on H4 and then later switch to H1, I know these days anything to do with USCIS is time consuming, but I am asking about the general process. 


Thanks everyone and appreciate your time..





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