I-140 port to new Employer


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I have an approved I-140 from a previous employer. My PD is Nov 2010.


I have changed jobs a couple of times since then and thankfully my old employer has not cancelled/revoked my old I-140.


Now, my current employer is starting PERM process and is about to submit PWD.


My current thoughts are to get PERM approved (may be in few months) and wait till my PD gets current. Then file the new I-140 and I-485 together.


I believe this gives me more flexibility because in case I have to change jobs again I can rely on my old employer to continue to hold the I-140 valid.


Appreciate your thoughts.


Thanks in Advance!

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Agreed I don't need two I-140s.


However I associate my previous employer with being more employee friendly. I moved on by May 2012 and they still have not revoked my I-140. I moved on for Role / Pay reasons but I don't know whether my current employer will be so lenient with I-140 in case if I leave.


Say, my current employer files for I-140 sometime 2016 and it get's approve with same priority (November 2010) date as my older I-140. Thus, hypothetically if I were to move from my current employer in 2017 or so, could I still rely on the approved I-140 from my old employer if the new I-140 is to be revoked?


May be I am thinking too much. Thought I'd rather ask.

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