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                 Myself and my friend  got visa stamping from Nogales . Its my 4th renewal . Interview went on for 15 mins.  VO asked about


1. Employer - Since how long am working with current employer

2. My Role

3. Client name , location and my role at client place - 

Are you Renewing the same visa ?

4. Employer - Employee Relationship ----------------This is very important, Please make sure that you prepare well.

5. Pay

6. Checked Paychecks , last year W2 and Tax Returns

7. Asked about my old I797s. VO went through each 797.

8. Asked about my previous Visa renewal stamping details ( Where did I go for these renewals). I had been to Nogales in 2011 and to other place in  2013 for my renewal.

9. Asked for client Letter and went through that doc.



** VO gone through my entire offer letter line by line , took almost 6 to  7 mins to read the document and asked about my salary and my job duties  . Please make sure that you have correct documents.



1. We got Mexican visa from Mexican consulate for 6 months

2.  You can just cross the boarder .

3. We stayed at Fry Marcos Hotel . Its good and decent one.

4. Ask Front desk , they will get you the cab to go to the consulate.

5 . Don't book your return ticket till you get the passport, sometimes its taking 4 to 5 days.

6. Nogales is safe city . 



Good Luck



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