h1b extension confusion


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My project contract ending with current client 'C' and vendor 'V'  in may,2016

H1b validation until may,2016 as per above end client letter given upto may, 2016

Current client 'C' may extend the contract for 2 more years ...(but vendor may change to some 'XYZ' from vendor 'V' and also client 'C' will no provide client letter as a new rule...)


The project extension with client 'C'  may happen in April, 2016


My questions are as below:


1. Can I apply for extension in march,2016...with current vendor letter 'V"...and without any PO and client letter... ?


2. How much duration I will get if I follow point#1 ?


3. Can we apply for H1b extension without knowing vendor name and without client letter ?? and after my extension in may, 2016 will upgrade my h1b to premium processing...incase of RFE will submit all documentation....


4. Do we need to mention vendor name in h1b application ?? client being the same ?? the current vendor is V, it may or may not change to vendor XYZ ?


5. What is the right time to apply for h1b extension ...I mean what month in 2016...according to my case?? ( my current h1b ending on 14th may,2016)


please let me know your suggestions....


thanks in advance....


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