H1-B Rejection- Consulate processing?


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Hello folks,


H1-B transfer was rejected few months back and I am in home country currently. If I find an employer who is willing to sponsor H1, should that be processed under Consulate processing? I see that there are other options on the I-129 form like port of enrty, pre-flight inspection. Could you please let me know?


Thank you.

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Can I have multiple petitions with Consulate processing. What if the case is that I eneter USA with consulate processing and then I already have an employer who has applied H1-B under Consulate processing. What if I want to work for that latter company? Please let me know.



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As you are outside US, any new H1b will be thru CP.


You cannot work for another employer if case was filed as CP, as it will not have I194. Only in case of COS, you can start working for 2nd employer.


Looking at your question, it seems you are trying multiple things and would create more problem for yourself. Contact attorney and get clarification on all your questions. 

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