Help Needed on my OPT RFE


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Applied for fresh post completion OPT on 3-Nov-2015. 

Received RFE on 05-Feb-2016 requesting following additional documents.


For master’s degree program eligibility submit:

Your student transcripts or other records of courses taken for graduate studies;

Evidence of completion for all elements of the master’s degree program in which you were


Any transfer credits from a foreign university along with evidence of how these transfer credits meet American University Graduate Program degree equivalents. 


NOTE: You are responsible for providing evidence that best shows how you meet eligibility requirements.  Evidence must show that you were eligible for employment authorization under the requested eligibility category when you filed Form I-765.


My series of events.

1. Enrolled in MS on 10-Oct-2014 (Fall 2014 Sem on H4 visa -9 Credits)

2. Applied for changes of status from H4 to F1 on Oct 2014

3. Completed Spring 2015 Semester on H4  Visa (9 Credits)

4. Status changed to F1 on 01-May-2015.

5. Completed Summer 2015 semester on F1 visa (9 Credits)

6. Completed Fall 2015 semester on F1 visa (9 credits)

7. Applied for OPT on 3-Nov-2015.

8. Failed in Thesis subject in Fall 2015,After I applied OPT.

9. Enrolled for repeat in Thesis subject in Spring 2016.



1. As per RFE, I need to submit completion of all elements of master degree program. However I do not have graduation certificate since I am repeating thesis subject.

So what are my options?

Option 1: Submit RFE response with transcript and DSO letter ?

Option 2: Request DSO to withdraw OPT application if possible.

As per my current SEVIS records program end date is 16-Dec-2016 so almost near to complete 60 days period.




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