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Dear Sir,


I am from India and currently working here.  In the year 2014 I got H1b petition approved and stamped from Employer 'A'.

As I couldn't able to got the opportunity to travel to USA, I had transferred it to Employer  'B' and got the petition approved and visa stamped.

Now , I am working for employer 'C' and just 1 month back my petition is approved and employer 'C' is not allowing me to go for visa stamping as client has closed the onsite position and he is asking me to wait. When I requested for Approval notice he says that it is not allowed for him to provide a copy of approval notice to me.


Now, I am having an opportunity in USA with a new employer 'D' and I need to transfer / file a new petition. Does I need to provide all my previous I797 documents to the new employer 'D'?


My previous employer 'C' is not giving me a copy of I797 ( which is the recent one ), Does this required for the transfer of my existing h1b visa ?


Can I provide my two previous employers ( A & B)  I797 copies to new employer 'D' ?


Is there would be any problem in my visa process with Company 'D' in the whole process without actually providing Company 'C' approval notice ?


I am really worried. Please help me !!

Appreciate your kind help sir.


Best Regards,


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