H1b Extension going through divorce


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I am on a visa H1B, and my Wife is on H4 visa (Dependent).
We are going through a divorce and the trail will happen in a month or two.
my H1b petition is coming to an end and my company needs to apply for extension.
My question :-
1)      I do not want to mention my wife’s names while applying for extension as we are going through divorce. As we are still not divorced, will it be ok if I don’t mention her name while applying for Extension?
2)      Would there be any complications if I don’t mention her name in the application before the divorce ?


3)      Or should I mention her for now and soon after the divorce inform USCIS about the divorce
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Thank you for the reply.

But my company was asking questions like , do you want h4 to be mentioned while applying for the h1b extension.


So legally would it be advisable not to mention her name while applying for h1b extension, will i be going through any issues if i dont mention her name under h4? 



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