How to know the perm was filled for me..


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My employer gave me a number starting with A-15289-XXXXX.


How can I find out, it is filled for me or for some one else.


As well as PERM LCA was filed on 10/16/15 when I check


"" and enter the above number - in "ETA Case Number:", it gives me result


""No records found that match search criteria.""


So how can I find out:

1) this number belongs to me

2) what is the status of this number




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  • 1 month later...

In the icert site ""


the latest for 15289 date is the  no - "A-15289-29468" as of today and A-15302-34032 for 15302 date, New Jersey


and mine is A-15289-292XX



I have 2 questions-

1) does it works on incremental order - if yes --mine is already passed but i don't see any update on the site

2) if no then how these no works or dates works?



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