List of documents needed for H4 EAD


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I was on H4 from June2014-Sept 30, 2015. Then I was working on H1B from 10/01/2015-12/30/2015. Then I was on vacation in India from 12/30/2015-2/1/2016 and re-enter US on H4 on 2/1/2016. I want to now apply for a H4 EAD based on my spouse's I-140 (my spouse also has extended H1B beyond 6 years based on AC21). I plan to prepare my own application and not enlist the services of a lawyer as the application looks straightforward to me.


Do I need to send the following documents with my packet:

1) Cover letter -- Basically just contains a list of documents.

2) Do I need to include my resume/degree/transcripts/previous job experience letters?

3) Do I need to include my h1B I-797 and/or paystubs?


I am planning to send the following documents over: Please suggest if this looks ok or any other documents you think I should include.

1. I-765 Petition

2. Check for #380.00 made out to Department of Homeland Security

3. Form G-1145: e-notification of application/petition acceptance

4.  Copy of latest I-94 of beneficiary

5. Two photographs of beneficiary

6. Form I-797 of beneficiary under H4 status.

7. Beneficiary copy of entire Passport

8. Beneficiary California ID


9. Marriage certificate

10. Copy of spouse  approved I-140.

11. Proof that spouse is maintaining active employment with Intel Corporation:

                a. Latest 3 Paystubs

                b. Employment verification letter

                c.  Copy of I-797 valid till 09/20/2017

12. Proof that spouse extended H1B status beyond six years under AC21: Spouse has been on active H1B from 10/01/2008 - current

                a. Entire copy of two passports showing visa stamps of spouse

                b. All I-797's of Spouse till date

13.  Spouse copy of entire two passports






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