Got 221g Green slip @Toronto - Jan12th


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I had my Visa interview on Jan 12th. I received a 221g green slip at the end of interview. VO said it will take two weeks due to "Administrative Processing"
VO asked simple standard questions about my job and Title.
then VO asked me reason for change of employer ( I changed my employer and went for Visa after petition got approved). I answered bysaying better position and better pay.
VO then asked about myclient and showed hm client letter.
In the end he said my case will take 2 weeks due to internal processing.
Its been 2 weeks now and still did not get any update. So far my employer did not get any call from Embasy.
Did anyone had similar issue? 
What does green 221g mean? Is it different that other 221g
Usuallyhw long does it take to get cleared of processing?
Appreciate your help


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