Visa Experience in Matamoros --Mexico


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Note:- You don’t need a Mexican visa if you are going for Visa stamping as you can simply get the permit at the Brownsville’s Mexico port of entry.


I got the CAB from Brownsville to Matamoros right outside of the airport and he charged me 55 USD 

Hotel:- Almeda Express. Great Hotel, Great Price, Great Location, Great Service, Great Food and top of that they provide free ride to US consulate or any other places you want to go in Matamoros 


Visa Type : H1B Renewal


Reached Matamoros : 01-24-2016


Fingerprinting and Photo:-  01-25-2016


Consulate Visa Interview : 01-26-2016.


Hotel cab dropped me off at the USC center for finger printing (free service) and I took the private cab from USC center to hotel and the bill was only  40 paiso (less than 3USD)

Again the hotel cab dropped me off at the US consulate (Free Service) for the counselor interview on Jan 26th 2016


Interview was kind of easy and quick




Are you here for H1b

Who is your employer

Where is your employer 

Show me your job offer letter  

How much is your annual income  (They verified the info in the job offer letter)

Who is your client

Do you have a client letter

Did your company file I140

VO : your VISA is approved and you can collect at 3 PM.


Collected my passport at 3 


The visa interview was simple but the officers at the port of entry were tough..

 They asked below questions

Show me you job offer letter

What do you do

Where do you live

Show me your client letter

Show me your driving license


It took almost an hour to clear the port of entry



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Hi... For your Mexico trip, did you have to pay for the hotel with mexican currency? Or did they accept US Credit card?


Also, did the taxi take you straight to the hotel? And, will non-Spanish speakers have trouble managing on their own with getting a cab outside the consulate and at other places?






Electronics and communication and working in Databases

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Did you get renewal stamping for new employer?


my first stamping was done with Employer X in 2007, but now for last 4 years, I am employed with Employer Y witout ever getting stamping from my new employer.


do you know if somebody was in this case and was approved for H1 Visa.

EVC model




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