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My wife is on H4, and she recently got her H4 visa stamped during India trip. This is not the first time that she got her visa stamped.

Based off I-797 she got her H4 visa until 22nd Feb 2017, having said that while coming back to US in Oct 2015, at  port of entry, the immigration officer noticed that her passport expires 31st Oct 2016, much before her Visa End date ( 22nd Feb 2017) , so when he put a rubber stamped on the passport, he hand wrote it 31st Oct 2016 ( same as passport expiry ) and told us that he cannot write beyond passport expiry.

Now after few days, we went online to download I-94 and were surprised to see that her I-94 reflects Visa expiry date i.e. 22nd Feb 2017, so at this point of time we are confused as to whether she can stay as per I-94 date that is visible on website or should she be going by what the officer wrote by hand in passport.

Ofcourse we intend to apply for my H1 Visa extension as we come close to expiry., but just would like to seek gurus opinion.

All of the above information is represented in tabular form below

Wife passport issue date      :    1st Nov 2006
Wife passport expiry date     :    31st Oct 2016
H4 Visa stamped                  :    22nd Feb 2017
Visa office wrote manually    :    31st Oct 2016
Online I-94 shows as            :    22nd Feb 2017


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