I 140 and H1B retention for relocating to India


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HI all,

I am in a slightly unique situation and would like to know the answers to questions plaguing my mind. Here is my situation:

initial 6 years of H1 have completed.

140 approved by employer A and i stayed with employer for about 1 year after 140 approval

Changed job and have valid H1 till 2018 but initial employer filled to revoke 140. Current perm process has started but I am moving back to India for some personal emergencies and current employer wont reach 140 state before my departure.

What i want to know is

1) If i ever come back, will i need to apply for H1B in lottery again? Or will I be exempt?

2) Even on the revoked 140, will i retain my PD?



any replies by experts here will be highly appreciated.




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Just to Add, my case status on the USCIS site just says they sent me approval on <date>. There is no revoked status.

my employer did send a revocation request about 11 months after the 140 was approved, but that request shows pending from almost 1 year now.

I would not trust online status. File a FOIA with USCIS.
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