Got 221g yellow at Vancouver - Can we request our passport back?


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yes, they'll give your passport back if you ask them but they'll ask you re-apply in India.  It happened to me in 2009  ....they gave me 221g white and told me that admin process make take  up to 2 months and if you want you can take your passport and re-apply in India but i said i'll wait here and finally i got my Visa in 2 weeks. 

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Thanks for replying.


No Good Morning exchanged. The VO just started asking for docs. He said your education does not qualify your job as I did MBA. He took my Master's transcripts, W2's. The VO did not know EVC model. So he asked for client letter and any vendor related documents. The VO took almost all the docs from me and said it needs additional research in my case. 

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According to one of the comments from vtawale   -

if you have valid i94, passport and i797 you can travel to US from canada or mexico during administrative processing.

Not sure how that happened, ask any immigration attorney they say that's not possible. If you can enter into US even when your visa is under processing then what is the use of attending interview for new visa? Think logically.

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