Stay outside the US for more than 6 months

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My parents recently got GC (Family-Based) and came to the US for about 6 months last year.They had to go back to India to take care of their assets and also to visit my grandmother and have scheduled return in may this year (less than 6 months). But they plan to extend the stay in India due to my grand mother health for about 2 to 4 more months.


Do we have to apply for any re-entry permit (with them being in India at present)? 


If that is not an option, they would like to come to the US in May stay for about 2 months and return to India for the next 5 months. Will that be fine? Or would it be considered abandoning LPR status?


The intent is to stay with us in the US, but the situation at the moment is to be present with my grandmother this year.


Advice appreciated! Thank you.

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