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Dear Murthy Attorneys,


My employer started my green card processing (in fact they are doing it for the first time). Prevailing wage determination was approved by DOL. HR then started the recruitment process and submitted interview report to the attorney. As per attorney, one candidate fulfilled the minimum requirements although he was rejected and not suitable for the job. The end result is our attorney will not submit the PERM and instructed to start the process once again. I would like to know the options I have now and it would be great if you can respond to my below questions –

  1. Do I need a promotion / change of job title to start the process again?

  2. Can I change the minimum requirements without changing the job title?

  3. Does the employer need to do the prevailing wage determination once again?

  4. What options I have to start this process soon and what should I do to make it a successful application this time?

Thanks in advance!

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first of all, you involvement in PREM process is not acceptable. This is between your employer and immigration attorney. You need to be completely out of this process.


1) not required,

2) You cannot change anything; this is employers decision. and they have to defend this decision in front of USCIS.

3) yes

4) Nothing, let employer start this process again.


As employer to hire a good lawyer, and consult them before starting another PERM process.

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