H1 Transfer and Stamping


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I joined employer B 5 months back on H1 Transfer approval, valid till Dec2016, my has a stamp from employer A till Jun 2016.


I am going to India for marriage in March and want to be back in April with my wife after marriage.


I have an offer from employer C with joining date in May.


Please help me by suggesting the best possible approaches from the following.


1. File H1 in premium for employer C, get It approved, travel to India, get stamping for me and future wife (H4) on behalf of Employer C, come back to US in April and continue to work for Employer B till May joining date with employer C-----Is this a legally valid scenario, would there be any issues during stamping and at port of entry??


2. File H1 for employer C in regular, get my H1 and wife's H4 on behalf of employer B and then join Employer C in May with the receipt for H1B regular Processing


3. Start filing for employer C after coming back to US in April, with stampings for employer B


Please suggest the best option.


Appreciate your help.



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