Toronto H1B/H4 Stamping dates


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@ h1b14- Thanks for your reply.  Could you please share your Toronto visa interview experience? When are you expecting your passport back?  Let me know  how many days usually process takes , once you get that back.


Were there any rejections while you were there? Hows the overall experience?


Thanks !!

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I went for interview on 21 Jan. It was scheduled at 10AM however there were not many people. I was let in at 9:10 without any issues. Security check, DS160 and I797 check, ten finger printing all done in 10 mts. There were 3 counters open and 3 people in front of me. I was at the window in 5 mts, and at the interview counter for 2-3 mts. Only general questions asked. What do I do, if it's an extension, same company?, Masters, when I first went to US and what I did before H1B. I have noticed that they review your application a day before your interview and they have clear vision to approve or to request for more doc's. As always just be confident. You long as your record, your company and you answer confidently, you are good. Full time taken from start to end is approx 20 min. I just picked up my passport. (01/26/2016).

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