Can i Port with same employer


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I am Working with company A for a year now ,I have 4 years bachelors and when i joined the company i had 4 years and 9 months experience.

I want to file my GC in EB2 category, so here are my concerns


1) Can i show the OPT or part time while doing my bachelors in India to cover 4 months experience required to file in EB2.


2) should i file in eb3 now and later port to eb2 with same employer and use a different Job, i have already been promoted to lead position in one year.The approval I140 will take around 1.5 years from now and i will be at a higher position than i am now.


3) my employer is telling me that he will file for my new h1b under his sister concern, i work with them for 4 months to complete 5 years required experience and than comeback on my Employers H1 and he will file in eb2.During this time my employer wont revoke my h1, so it wont matter even if the h1 for his sister concern gets approved or rejected.



Please suggest.

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