Husband applying for H4


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My company is in process of H1B for me and I might go for stamping anytime in next 2 months.. It's more than year that I married. My name on the passport and on the company's record still reflects my maiden name and no mention of husband's. I have the marriage certificate, wedding cards and album as a proof of marriage. Neither my passport nor my husband's passport have each others name.

Every article I read, it mostly talks about husband being on h1b and wife applies for h4. It's vice versa here and want to know few things.

1) what is the process of my husband applying for h4 and come for visa interview along with me?

2) will the current proof of marriage suffice?

3) do I or my husband should make any changes to our passport?

Also please do shed some light incase we need to know anything important.

Thanks in advance.

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