H1 stamping with Dry Reckless 3 Years back


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I am travelling to India and going for H1B stamping - 1st week of Feb. Here's the short detail about myself.


I was arrested for DUI on Nov 10th 2012, convicted to lower charges 'dry reckless' on jan 15th 2013. I paid all fines, successfully completed 2 years probation that ended on Jan 15th 2015 and also expunged the case by Mar 2015. I have mentioned about the arrest in DS160 form.


This is the first time i am travelling to India after the conviction. There's no other violations on my record. I have been living in US since 2005 and this is the only violation in my record.


I have few questions -


- I have certified court disposition, is there any other document needed to carry?

- Based on forum, i see that there are 221g with medical eval handed out, would i obtain the 221g form? Very concerned about the delay in administrative processing.

- Also read that if your conviction is beyond 3 past years, then most likely there wont be 221g with medical eval, how far is this true?


Thanks for all your responses, comments are really appreciated.

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In 2012, I went for visa stamping in Canada. I met a desi during my interview day who was in same situation as yours. I dont have his contact details but all I remember is that he had DUI case 2yrs back (sometime in 2010) and everything is clear during stamping day. However, he got 221g and asked to submit medical certificate stating his mental condition is good at that time of interview. I dont know his status after that. Not sure if this will help you or not but Just giving info on related experience indicating you to carry a latest medical certificate on mental condition. 

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