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Dear Attorney,


This is my second visit USA. In my last US visit I was in US close to 4 years. In 2008 during the last phase of labor substitution my previous employer had used the existing labor for my GC processing, as dates moved very fast that time I got EAD directly for my wife and myself. After couple of months I got a query on my 140 and my EAD and 140 both were revoked. I have filed a case in court and left to India in 2009 to support my family. in 2012 case got approved and 140 approved again. As I was away from country that time my employer had discontinued the 140 status. I would like to start GC process again this time and I wanted to know weather I am eligible to use the existing priority date or not. My priority date is back in 2005 on EB3. Will there be any issues in porting existing priority date once after getting the current I140 approval. Please help me on this. 

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