Interfiling - I-485 still in process


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I am on O-1 Visa. I have two EB1 I-140's approved. Both approved at Texas center in August 2015. One is EB1-A self-petition. Another is EB1-B through my company. My company applied I-485 on Sep. 2015. Me and my wife got EADs in December. 180 days will complete in March 2016. Now my company is laying off lot of people. As per the policies my company will revoke I-140 after layoff. 

I am surprising my both I-140 âs are having same Alien Number (A-Number). which is same as on my EAD card. 

Now can I Request for Interfiling/ Conversion of my pending I-485 to my EB1-A. I want to use my approved EAD for my next job as we know transferring O-1 is not simple like H1B. 

1) Is both I 140s already linked ? 
2)Is My I485 still in process even employer revokes my I-140. 
3)Can i use EAD for new job

Thank you very much in advance for your time.

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