L2 EAD delayed - 125 days since filling .. still waiting


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I filed my EAD renewal on Sep 14,2015, 3.5 months before the EAD expiry. Raised a Service request on Dec 4, 2015, I received a response stating it is in queue to be processed and I should wait. I called them again on Dec 15 and USCIS customer care told me I should be receiving it soon, I should just wait, I believed them.


But, I did not receive my EAD, I got the request expedited on Dec 26, 2015. On Dec 28th my EAD expired. On Dec 31st I made an Infopass appointment, the officer said since the case is expedited I should hear something soon, she said someone acted on my case on 29th Dec, most likely by Jan 4,2016 I should receive my Card, she suggested me not to worry and it might have got delayed because of Christmas holidays.


I waited but I did not see any change in status. I called USCIS customer service on Jan 5th, and got the call escalated the supervisor told me my case has been assigned today to an officer. Seems even after getting the request expedited on Dec 26th no one took an action.


On the same day, Jan 5th (112 day) the status changed to need some additional documentation, details of which are sent in mail. On Jan 9th I received mail with their request for supporting documents, I sent the documents by overnight shipping on Jan 11. And they received it on Jan 12. Since then the status remains "Our Nebraska Service Center office will begin working on your case again. "


I have been on Unpaid Leave since Dec 28,2015.  Today is 125th day since I filed the application I am still counting. 


Please suggest.




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