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friendz - my employer showed that I am reporting to someone in order to obtain L1a visa for this applicant...later there was a query from USCIS asking for a proof that that the people reflected in the application are actually working for the employer, so my employer responded by showing my paystubs...actually I report to someone else within the same company but am very nervous about this whole thing...has anyone heard of such doesn't sound right...please advise. thanks you.

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Not sure, what are you looking for, anyone here will tell you the same thing that it is fraud and you should stay away from it or the people doing it. Find an legit employer.


Now if you are being a party in it willing, which it seems to be the case since you did not object about falsifying the information in first place, then how does it matter what anyone here thinks, you will have to deal with the consequences as they come, or you might get lucky and things go undetected.


Good Luck is all what I can say.

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