H1B to H4 transfer


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Hello Sir,


I am currently working in US with a H1B visa. My employer told me that my position will get laid off by Feb 9th, 2016 and they will inform about my job status to the USCIS on the same day itself. In the mean while, if I don't find another employer who can sponsor my H1B, I am planning to change to H4 dependent visa (My spouse is working and has a valid H1B visa). I have few questions regarding the H1B to H4 transfer process:


1) How many days before my last working day (Feb 9th) should I apply for a I-539 form to change my visa status from H1B to H4? Am I allowed to submit the application by myself or does it have to be done through a lawyer? If a lawyer is required, can I approach the lawyer from my spouse's company or it can be any lawyer from an outside firm?


2) What is the usual processing time for the transfer of H1B to H4?


3) If I can find an employer who will transfer my visa status from H4 to H1B, how long will it take for the H1B approval. Once the transfer application is submitted to USCIS, am I eligible to start working before my H1B visa gets approved?


Please let me know. Your input is greatly appreciated.



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Hi Guys,


need urgent help.................

I was on h1b I am planning to re-enter US on my preivious h4 to correct my status.I heard if we travel to mexico by land we get a paper i-94.


Can you please help:-


1. What all documents i need to re-enter on h4?

2. Do i need to travel by air only?

3. Do we neeed to update i-94 after i re-enter or will it be done automatically?


p.s. Or a simple process if any one who has travelled by land can tell

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