Change of status b2 to f1 RFE?

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Hi All,

I applied for a change of status from b2 to f1 on April 30 2015, as myself as student and wife as dependant, and today after 8 months received an Rfe from uscis. The letter only states "the dependent copy of the Sevis form I 20 does not contain the signature of the student. Please submit a copy of the Dependent Copy of the Sevis with both your signature and the signature of your DSO" I know this is a simple matter but my confusion is that do I need to provide the signed copies of new I 20 for the SAME semester that I had earlier been admitted to 8 months ago, or should I now send the I 20 for an upcoming semester deferred by my school?

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I whish you all the best in your change of status.  I have some questions, I would appreciate if you could answer because I will introduce a cos from h1 to f1 very soon.


Did you apply for B2 to f1 here in USA? B2 is a tourist?


What start date did the school give you in the I20? While waiting for the approval, does the school allow you to take classes with the receipt?  For how long will be your F1?


let me know please,


Thank you!



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