Does prospective job offer letter needed for EB1EA I-485 and does it need to be signed by prospective employer


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Hello !


I have applied for I-485 (with I-765 & I-131) based on EB1EA I-140 approval. All these days I am working in a different field other than my field of research and volunteering a professor in his research based on my publications and recently submitted a paper for publication. My EB1EA I-140 got approved based on my publications, citations count and journal article reviews within 5 months without any RFE. After getting EAD also I have not started working in my field of research and waiting for I-485 approval. 2 months back I got  RFE and asking for proposed job offer letter in my field of research and updated medical records. For answering the RFE, myself(Co-PI) and the professor(PD) where I am volunteering are writing a grant proposal on a project for a national organization and that professor is planning to hire me after the grant approval. Now the he is providing me two letters 1) a letter on the university letterhead to USCIS saying that writing a grant proposal with his signature and 2) a tentative offer letter on the letterhead to me saying that he will hire me after grant approval which mentioned yearly salary, all possible job duties and there is not a specific start date and without his signature. My attorney is asking for signature on the tentative offer letter also, is the signature needed ? All together does the proposed offer letter needed for approving my EB1EA I-485 ? Please advise, Thanks !

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