Travel for visa stamping - 8th year H1B- work location change but same city/company - query


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My corporate office is in city A and I was working from a branch office in city B. My LCA, PERM and H1-B petition carry the city B office address. Just recently our branch office lease got ended and so our management decided to let the employees work from home instead of having a new office location in city B, as the work involves a lot of travel. However, they signed up with one of the leading company which offers ‘virtual office’ with a local address for mail handling and for local presence.

(Note: Other than mail handling, virtual office locations offer office spaces where the company meetings can be conducted as needed. However it cannot be occupied all the time).

My questions are:

1.       As I’m working from home now, will it trigger an H1-B amendment or a new LCA? My home address and the new virtual office address are within 10 miles radius of the old office address, meaning effectively I’m still working in the same city.

2.       I’ll be travelling to India in Feb and will need to go for a visa interview as my visa was expired in Aug 2014. Does this scenario create an issue?

3.       Which office address should I be using in visa application form, city A office address or home address or the virtual office address in city B?

4.       Does working from home create any issues in long term?

Please advice.


My immigration status:

·         I’m in 8th year of my H1-B.

·         My visa expired in Aug 2014.

·         I have an approved i-129 for H1-B extension valid till Nov 2015

·         Have an approved I-140

·         Based on approved i-140, another approved i-129 for H1-B extension valid till Nov 2018.

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