EB1C approval while outside USA


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Hi All,


I am in a very precarious situation. My employer has applied for green card in EB1C in June 2015 and I still don't have any approval apart from EAD which is valid till Sept 2017.


I need to go to India for some family emergency, I will be working from offshore location with the same employer. I have following questions, your help will be highly appreciated.


Can I go to India with my GC applied?


What happens if my GC gets approved while I work at my current employer's offshore location?


How can I come back when my GC is approved?


How soon do I need to come back when my GC is approved?


Once my GC is approved and if I have to come back, on which visa or what status do I come back?


What happens if I get an RFE in EB1C process?


If my H1 is expired but if I still have EAD can I still come back to US using the EAD?




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