PERM and I-140 approval


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My name is Sajith. My employer has filed for my PERM in October 2015 (priority date of 10/08/2015). I will be exhausting my 6 years of H1B quota on May 29, 2016 (3 years on L1B and 3 years on H1B). What are the options that I have if my PERM and I-140 is not approved by May 2016. If I go back to India, can my H1B extn (after my I-140 is approved) be still be applied from India and how much time do you think it will take if its filed under premium? Can I do the same if I relocate to Canada? If so can I do my H1B stamping in Canada or that has to be done in India? Please do reply with my options.

And with the current trend of PERM approval timeframe, what do you think are my chances of getting the PERM and I-140 approved by May 16 ?

Thanks a ton!

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