Need suggestion on withdrawal of amendment petition


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Hi All,

My employer filed amendment on June 17, 2015 for my promotion. But I got to know recently from my employer that the amendment was not required, since there is no change in role and responsibility and willing to withdraw the amendment petition.  I am also planning to switch employer anytime soon. I want to withdraw the amendment petition to avoid unnecessary complication in case of RFE in amendment. But also  I dont want this withdrawal process affecting my transfer.


1. Is it fine for me to go ahead and withdraw the petition while my processing date is near(I can see the current processing date is June 13)?. What will happen if the petition is approved and the USCIS received the withdrawal request after that. Will it affect my existing petition any way?. Will it cause any issue in transfer?


2.  Can I withdraw the amendment petition after USCIS issues RFE for amendment?.


Please help, it is really urgent.

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I have applied for H1B ext in June 2015 and switched clients in august so i did H1B ammendment in pp in september before i got approval got rfe since i didnt have client letter with new client and they werent giving me one we did h1 extension of my husband+my h4 +my ead in pp. He got rfe for some reason on some day i got rfe since my h1b was pending. Only 5 days left to respond to my h1b rfe and as i will go out of status  i requested my client and finally responded to rfe and it got approved for 1 year.Now my client offered me a full time  and they want me to withdraw the pending application at uscis my along with responding for my husband h1 rfe+i have furnished details for my h4 rfe and sent a withdrawal letter . But today his h1b got approved but there is no response on my h4 or ead application.Since my husbands h1 was in pp i was thinking i should get reply along with his. An idea how much time it does take for getting h4 withdrawal notice. But case status still shows "RFE sent "though.

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