L to H COS 2016


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Here is my scenario - 


I am working for company A on L1A which is valid till May 2018. My wife is working on L2 EAD. Company B wants to sponsor my H1 with COS for 2016. My H1 gets picked in the lottery and gets approved and I still want to continue with company A after October 2016. Now my questions are - 


1. If I move out of US lets say on 30th Sept and come back on Oct3rd 2016, can I continue to work with company A on L1 status? Is it perfectly legal?


2. Also if I dont move out of US and still want to continue with company A, is it okay to ask company A to transfer my H1 on Oct 1st 2016 or later without leaving company A? 


3. Later down the line, if company C wants to sponsor my H1, will I again be counted against the 65000 quota?


4. Can getting a H1 from company B and not joining them have legal implication?


5. If I do step 1, can it impact my GC processing in any negative way?

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