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My old passport was about to expire and so got it renewed June 2015 and received a new passport with a new number etc. I had to also renew my H1B (extension) and it was approved  in Sep 2015. So, at this time I have a new passport and a new I797 with an I94 attached. I have a couple of questions:


1) I cannot print my I94 online with the new passport number. I can get the old I94 using my old passport number which is no longer valid. Is the I94 attached to my current I797 extension the current I94 that I should be using? 

2) I plan to visit India sometime this year so i have to go to the consulate to get a new visa for my H1B extension. I believe the new visa will be on my new passport correct? and when I enter the country I will be given a new I94 after which I can go online and try to print my I94 with the new passport details?


Thanks in advance for your inputs.




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1) Your electronic I-94 is now pretty much useless as the CBP does not update it based on an extension of stay by the USCIS within the US. Just use the new I-94 that is on your I797A form that you must have received with your H1B extension


2) Pretty obvious answer here: Your old passport is cancelled so you can only use your new passport. Once you enter back to US, your new electronic I-94 will reflect the new passport number.

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