Is it safe to attend H1 stamping with a Client letter saying proj will be fully implemented in 2016.


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Hi everyone, please help me with this. My H1 was approved 3 months back and I am planning to travel to India for H1 stamping in Hyderabad in coming Feb. My client gives a letter saying that “ we anticipate the project to be fully implemented in calendar year 2016.” Is it sage to attend stamping with this letter. I do not know what to say if the VO asks if your proj is going to end in 2016. What will you do after that and so.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Thank you.


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'Anticipate' word might cause issue in getting a visa. If that is the case many employers can file H1B petition providing client letters anticipating new projects rather than projects that are actually available in that fiscal year and request approval from USCIS. You need to talk to your attorney to know your chances to get visa stamping with the provided client letter.

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