H1B Petition Approved but do not want to join at the moment


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People are mostly eager to join, but me and my wife both have got the H1B petition approved and I797 mentioning the validity date of Sep 2018, but due to some personal issues, we do not want to go to USA at the moment and hence we are holding our VISA Stamping. Would like to know, that is it mandatory to get the H1B stamped now itself when we are still undecided about joining this employer who got our H1B petition approved or can we hold upon for few more months and see if we can get a better employer and then go for Visa stamping. What are the pros and cons of this approach.



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The employer has to inform USCIS that you are not working there.

Not starting to work for the original employer means that you are not considered counted in the quota. A transfer would only be possible when you have started working for the original employer.

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