H1B application Revoked !


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Hello all,
Below is the detailed info of what has happened and when. Need your help guys, if you or your friends has been into this situation, please suggest me what to do.

  • July 2014 - H1B petition got approved
  • Feb 2015 - attended for stamping at US Embassy in London (As I was in & working in London since last 4yrs)
  • July 2015 - mail from US Embassy stating that my APPLICATION has been REVOKED (assuming that my employer messed it up)

So, current situation is I had to transfer to a different employer and again attend for Stamping (but don't know how safe is that).  Now I came India for good, please suggest me what would be the best thing to do now?
is it better to transfer to another new employer or better to file a new h1b this year ?
please suggest me if I had any other options as well !
- Thanks !

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