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 recently changed my employer. 
My H1B Visa validity on passport is upto Aug 2016. 
(Before I switch my job, old company had applied for my extension and I have old 1-797 with 2018 validity for me and my dependents both. I travelled to Canada on business travel, forgot to present the old company I-797 so my current i-94 has Aug -2016 validity – this is before switching my Job.

My new I-797 / I-94 has a validity up to 2018. My dependent (H4) have not applied for new i-797.

Now I am planning to travel to India on May 2016 and planning to return on July end.


  1. Is it must to have a new visa stamping on my passport if I travel on end of July 2016?

  2. I know if I travel after Aug, without visa stamping I can’t enter US.

  3. Can I show my new company I-797 with old company Visa for new I-94 validity on port of entry?

  4. Me and my dependents (wife + Son) travelling back on 2 diff. dates – separately

    1. Can they enter US on old Visa and can they present old I-797 for new I-94? Or that’s invalid?

    2. Or can they show my new I-797 for the validity transfer?

    3. If above is invalid – does they need to apply for new I-797 with USCIS after coming back in July 2016?

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