person/entity paying your trip for parent and sister B2 - tricky sitution


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My mother ( widowed) and sister ( married with a kid) are applying for B2 visitor visa. Both of them are  home makers. They have CA certified documents to show around 80lkah of total value ( around 8 lakhs cash value+ rest property ) for each. Sister has got NOC from husband. I am on H1b, not applied for gren card. we are confused about what to select for " person/entity paying your trip". If we chose self funded, we are worried that , they might reject saying not sufficient funds as both of them do not work and no good current source of income other than some rental income which is not much ( less than 10000rs monthly for each). brother-in-law has a job but not huge income either. I have bank documents showing around 4000$ balance, it is not much either . not sure if that really matters. can they can avoid rejection based on not having self sufficient funds if they say Iam sponsoring the trip (assuming that they will not ask them to show my bank documents, which is usually the case. they judge based on verbal answer).but in the other hand they might think sister and mother do not have enough ties to home country , although they have husband/kid  (all staying together)property etc. its kinda tricky.


Thanks for your suggestions

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