2002 H1B Visa - Cap Exempt Possible?


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I had 2 H1Bs and currently on L1B. Following are the details:


Employer-1 H1B Valid from 07APR1997 TO 19JAN2000 (Stayed in US for 32 Months)

Employer-2 H1B Valid from 14MAR2001 TO 30JUL2002 (Stayed in US for 9 Months)

Employer-3 L1B Valid from 19 APR2012 TO 24APR2015 (Stayed in US for 30 Months and continuing)


Is it possible to reuse any of the above H1B visa and apply for CAP Exempt. I dont have any documentation other than visa stamps in my passport for these H1s.


Please suggest.


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